Health & Wellbeing

Do you want to make a positive lifestyle change but don’t know where to start?

Whatever your health or wellbeing need we can help.

We support the physical health and mental wellbeing of our community and provide confidential advice on the following:

Getting more active
Arts and Creativity for mind and body
Managing a health condition through activity
Inclusive activity for all ages and abilities
Health advice
Losing weight
Support for your mental wellbeing
Physical activity support for shielded individuals
Online health and wellbeing support
Connecting you with additional health services

We are here to help you to lead a healthy, active and creative lifestyle. We provide a wide  range of support for physical and mental health wellbeing, providing inclusive solutions for:


Active older people

We work with older people to become more active and support their wellbeing. Providing strength and balance support, low impact sports, arts and creativity opportunities, and a wide range of outdoor activities. All activity is/or can be adapted to be dementia friendly.

Getting more active

Opportunities for everyone to become more physically and mentally active through indoor and outdoor activities or in one of our leisure centres or cultural venues. Join our run, walk or cycle sessions, work out in our gyms, join a social back to sport or join one of our arts and creativity sessions! Visit for support and guidance to become active in and around Cannock Chase, through walking, cycling, running and gardening.

Long Term Health Conditions

Providing specifically designed programmes and specially trained instructors support people with a range of health conditions including, heart problems, back pain, diabetes, cancer, lung conditions (Asthma, COPD) Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, arthritis and mobility, dementia.

Children and Young People

We’re here to support young people to be happy, healthy. Grow up Great, holds all the information for activities for children 0-11 in Cannock Chase. We run a range of active holiday camps, inclusive social sessions and lots more.

Community Volunteering Opportunities

From supporting outdoor activities to community action, our volunteers play a vital role in providing the various wellbeing initiatives delivered within our communities. If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please get in touch.


Our Online Offer has been launched to help keep you active, creative and healthy in and around the home. Providing wellbeing advice, on demand exercise, family activities and much more to keep you active an entertained.

For advice with health and wellbeing get in touch



Support for Communities

Do you make or want to make a positive change to your community but need support, advice and guidance?
We support new and existing groups to develop and provide opportunities to improve the wellbeing of communities across Cannock Chase.

  • Designing and delivering physical activity and sport sessions
  • Designing and delivering arts and creativity sessions
  • Creative solutions
  • Sustainability of groups and activities
  • Facilitate partnership working and collaborations
  • Supporting groups with funding applications
  • Facilitate consultation and insight gathering
  • Aid with project development
  • Aid risk management
  • Strategic directions

For ideas to keep you active, creative and healthy, in and around the home visit our Home Health Hub:

Inspiring healthy lifestyles provide a wide range of products in the Cannock Chase District to support people to improve their health and wellbeing.

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic some of our face to face and group wellbeing services and programmes are being affected, where possible we have provided virtual solutions and set up wellbeing instructor calls to existing participants. As soon as we can make it safe to do so we will start to resume face to face wellbeing sessions and look into the feasibility of group sessions in line with government guidance.